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Better Bitters Brewing Company (Nickelbrook)

Beerhogger celebrated his birthday BEERFEST (thirty)SEVEN at Better Bitters Brewing Co (more commonly known to me as Nickelbrook  in Burlington.  The owner John welcomed our group with open arms, catered food for us from The Raging Olive (a local restaurant with awesome middle-eastern food and they carry Nickelbrook brews on tap), gave us the most informative tour of … Continue reading

Cameron’s Brewing Company

TOUR AND TASTING AT CAMERON’S! Cameron’s is an outstanding Oakville brewery.  Their catchy slogans include “BREWED BY A CONNOISSEUR (NOT AN ACCOUNTANT)” and “I drink local beer“.   BEERHOGGER organized BEERFEST VI (H.I.W.T.C.I; inside joke for “The Birds” who were in attendance and participated in the event/sampling and tour) and our event was given a … Continue reading

Trafalgar Brewing Company and The Tide House Pub

BEERHOGGER and friends celebrated our annual event, Beerfest 6 (H.I.W.T.C.I.; an inside joke for “the Birds”) at Trafalgar Brewing Company in Oakville.  Trafalgar is the all-time highlight for Beerfests!!!!  Why?  Let me tell you.  Beerhoggers went to Trafalgar Brewery to pick up a few bottles at the brewery/retail store one saturday and we inquired about the … Continue reading

Cloak & Dagger for TBW

Location: 394 College St., Toronto I just stumbled home from my favorite watering hole in Toronto, The Cloak and Dagger, where we were celebrating a birthday. I think it is very fitting that the launch of Beerhogger coincidentally fell during Toronto Beer Week and the Cloak and Dagger happened to be hosting a great event known as “Sausage … Continue reading


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