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Trafalgar Brewing Company and The Tide House Pub

BEERHOGGER and friends celebrated our annual event, Beerfest 6 (H.I.W.T.C.I.; an inside joke for “the Birds”) at Trafalgar Brewing Company in Oakville.  Trafalgar is the all-time highlight for Beerfests!!!!  Why?  Let me tell you.  Beerhoggers went to Trafalgar Brewery to pick up a few bottles at the brewery/retail store one saturday and we inquired about the Cherry and Elora gold, to the young brewer in training Tom (pic below), who then gave us entire bottles as free samples to go – who does that?  Trafalgar does that!  They have so much passion for their brews and it shows.  We booked a private party in their bar called The Tide House Pub (open only by appointment) and hosted by one of the founding brewers, George.  They were kind enough to host our event (brewery tour, dinner (including bread and stew made from beer!) and OPEN BAR along with the exclusive use of the facility for 6 hours despite our small crowd of 8 people – THANKS GEORGE!!  We sampled tons of their beers which can be seen on their website. Also thanks for the super informative and fun tours (repeated for our one guest who arrived late – so nice!!).  Also thanks to Dave for helping out and partying with us!

The favourite of the evening is a seasonal specialty called Hop Nouveau 2010, made from local barley and they hand-picked the hops from a farmer in Tillsonburg to make an incredible unfiltered pale ale. Better grab it quick, if you’re interested, ’cause it won’t be on the shelves after February 2011!

Check out the pics below:


2 thoughts on “Trafalgar Brewing Company and The Tide House Pub

  1. I’m a big fan of their Elora Gold and Paddy’s Red. I had no idea that they kept a secret wet-hopped IPA – thanks for the head’s up and great review Beerhogger!

    Posted by Beer Baron | November 14, 2010, 11:24 pm
  2. I’ve heard of this place, but never been, thanks for the post. Nothing like going local!

    Posted by Jeremy | November 15, 2010, 2:30 pm

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