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Cameron’s Brewing Company


Cameron’s is an outstanding Oakville brewery.  Their catchy slogans include “BREWED BY A CONNOISSEUR (NOT AN ACCOUNTANT)” and “I drink local beer“.   BEERHOGGER organized BEERFEST VI (H.I.W.T.C.I; inside joke for “The Birds” who were in attendance and participated in the event/sampling and tour) and our event was given a free tour and free tasting (courtesy of James, who invited us after meeting a couple of us in the parking lot on a saturday visit to their retail store – THANKS JAMES!!).  An excellent and informative tour with generous tastings, including full bottle samples, were provided by Brittney.  Cameron’s offers unique 9-packs of: 1) Lager, 2) Cream Ale, 3) Auburn Ale.  They brew smaller batches of their Dark ale called 266 (outstanding beer) and sell these in 6-packs.  We liked their Auburn and Dark ales the best.  Cameron’s is available for parties and events and also sells kegs on site.  They host a cask night on the last thursday of every month for $10 including food.  A few pics are shown below – thanks again guys for a great event!

 (Above two photographs: R. Budhwa)


4 thoughts on “Cameron’s Brewing Company

  1. Their Dark 266 is a fave of mien. Will have to check out the cask night.

    Posted by Beer Baron | November 14, 2010, 11:22 pm
  2. Glad you like the slogan. I wrote it. I also designed all the packaging and labels. My brother Cameron Howe created all the recipes when our family founded the brewery in 1997. The brewery is named after him. Cameron rarely gets the credit he deserves for creating such fine brews. And they’ve won awards around the world. I’ll pass on your compliments to him. He’ll be delighted.

    Posted by Karen Howe | March 13, 2011, 4:25 pm
    • Thanks Karen; we had such a great time at Cameron’s..it was one of the best breweries we’ve ever been to in the history of our Beerfests! Please tell Cameron that he has created the best brews!

      Posted by : | April 27, 2011, 3:08 pm


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