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Cloak & Dagger for TBW


394 College St., Toronto

I just stumbled home from my favorite watering hole in Toronto, The Cloak and Dagger, where we were celebrating a birthday.

I think it is very fitting that the launch of Beerhogger coincidentally fell during Toronto Beer Week and the Cloak and Dagger happened to be hosting a great event known as “Sausage Fest“.  Unlike the sausage fests that occur when there are too many dudes in a single location, for $12 it was all you can eat sausages (large variety including duck sausages) for the evening with a sample of the beer.

Now, I am a huge fan of the Cloak and Dagger and visit this bar weekly.  The owners Colin and Brent take great care to please the serious beer drinking crowd, by featuring 24 taps and 1 rotating hand drawn cask – at the moment it is Duggan’s Extra Special Bitter; I will try this next time when I am less inebriated as it is more expensive and needs my undivided attention to appreciate – it’s pretty flat but done like a typical British ale from what I understand from the owners who were BBQing up a storm tonight!

Among the beers we consumed tonight, unfortunately 7 out of the 8 of us beer drinkers were very unimpressed by the local feature, Beau’s which is a “lager-ale”.  No one could tell me if this was an ale that was lagered or a lager that was brewed as an ale but it doesn’t matter because I hope to never have to drink it again.

Responses from the group of scowling faces after the first sip ranged from:

“Is this beer?”


“This beer has no balls!”

Beau’s is pitched as an organic/natural and family-run business but Beerhogger was not impressed by the blandness.   Probably because we prefer the hoppier/tastier beers that Cloak and Dagger has to offer.  The bartender Jay hooks us up weekly with our favorites: 9 and 99 (both by Duggan; who apparently left the Mill St. Brewery after discovering Tankhouse [another Beerhogger favorite] to do his own thing) and is doing a great job of that!  We will definitely visit Duggan’s Brewery (75 Victoria St) in the near future!

Other hits at C&D include Hop Addict (don’t be scared; it’s not as bitter as you’d expect and is also a favorite of one of the owners).

The sausages were cooked to perfection and were selling out by the time we left and the evening was a blast – a perfect start to TORONTO BEER WEEK!!  Keep up the great work C&D and see you all soon.

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